Affordable mental health support, because you deserve it.

At Limitless Health, we believe high-quality mental health support should be accessible to all. For that reason, we decided to create the Limitless Health App, which has all the tools you need to improve your mental health. We are constantly improving, and together, we are creating a better future.

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What sets us apart?

We listen, we innovate, we care.

Limitless was designed from the realization that it is difficult to access mental health support that is capable of adapting to everyone's needs and resources. We are a proud Canadian company constantly innovating and taking our users' suggestions and feedback seriously. Innovation is crucial for us, and for that reason, the app is not only complete with the most important tools to improve your mental health but also constantly improving to ensure that you have the best possible quality.

Daily Check-In

Keep track of how you're feeling throughout the week with Daily Check-In, designed to give you feedback on how your day went.

Secure Journal

Keep a secure journal that you can refer back to at any time. This can help you sort through your thoughts and emotions by writing them out. Secure journal is always password protected. Use it in conjunction with Daily Check-In, or separately. It's up to you.

Meditation Audios

Wind down during the day or at night with a variety of meditation audios. From morning to night, we've got you covered.

With Limitless, you're in control.

The path to better mental health starts when you acknowledge that you deserve better and can improve. Since we believe you do, we are ready to become your companion in this fantastic journey of better mental health.

Psychologists have approved each of our features, and we are constantly looking for new and better ways to support you.

We've been waiting for you! Please send us a message to with your questions and comments.

Our Mission


Your journey begins here.

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